How does the DAPP work?

The ArcadeFi DAPP functions similarly to most existing Ethereum Web3 implementations. Featuring a wallet connect system and providing a user interface for interacting with the ArcadeFi smart contracts. To use the DAPP, connect your wallet and interact with the ArcadeFi RNG games to approve, create or cancel game transactions.

How are the tokenomics sustainable?

In the event that one of our game-contract's pools becomes empty, the ArcadeFi team will manually buy back supply to refill the wager pools.

How do I claim rewards?

Rewards are claimed automatically once the game finishes.

How do I win?

To win on the ArcadeFi's fixed odds game modes, simply select an item from the selection and submit your transaction. The contract will then also select a value and if the selected value matches the users selection they win.

Why does my game take a while to finish?

Due to the mechanics of the Ethereum blockchain, it is difficult to generate true randomness without programming vulnerabilities into the smart contract. To account for these vulnerabilities, ArcadeFi implements a trusted and well known third party system (Chainlink) for generating random numbers. This system ensures that all game contract transactions made are safe. This safety measure results in multiple contract interactions resulting in slower turn around times on games.

How does ArcadeFi differ from traditional online casinos?

Online crypto casinos use complicated and abstract methods to create random numbers, which might not always seem fair. These casinos, like regular slot machines, follow rules but are set up to favor the house in the long run. ArcadeFi on the other hand operates with a trusted third party protocol known as Chainlink. This protocol is used to generate verifiably immutable and secure random numbers that our contracts are then able to consume publicly on the blockchain.

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