Revenue Sharing


In this ecosystem, profit-sharing aligns seamlessly with the idea of rewarding and engaging the community for the project's success. It represents a tangible way for ArcadeFi to directly involve and incentivize arcade holders, ensuring that as the project prospers, so do its community members.

ArcadeFi Revenue Streams

In order to begin rewarding arcade holders, revenue streams must first be defined by the team. ArcadeFi plans to provide an innovative and rewarding system for holders via each and every one of its utility revenue streams. As ArcadeFi grows so will the amount of revenue generating streams. The 3 current avenues of revenue are listed below.

Once live, all revenue's mentioned will stream into the ArcadeFi Ticket Booth, providing passive income for holders. In order to be eligible for claim, investors must be holding a minimum of 0.01% or 10,000 arcade tokens.'

How will claiming work?

A dashboard will be built, allowing holders to view and manage their shares in real time.

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