Following the release of the factory will be the addition of configurable game contracts. These contracts can be created by anyone looking to add utility to their ERC20 tokens. These contracts also allow the owner to - through the use of the factory, set names for their games, define odds and collect taxes among other things.

Adding tokens

With the addition of the factory, ArcadeFi game contracts can be created by anyone. This is a simple process made even easier through the use of the ArcadeFi factory. To begin users will be required to create a subscription. Once created they can then begin listing games on the dapp using their ERC20 tokens.

Game Creation

During the creation process, creators are required to configure their game contracts. This process involves entering the games modifier, gas price, house edge, Uniswap pair address, and name via the dapp.

Firstly, the modifier is an important variable in the game creation process and sets the odds for the life time of the contract. This modifier acts as the contracts denominator, defining the odds for each game.

Another variable that the game creators must set is the gas price for the contract. This variable can be set to one of three, predefined key hash values and defines the fees used by the contract.

The game's house edge is also required and is represented as an integer that the contract is able to use as a denominator in the transaction process. This value allows game creators to define how many tokens, on average, the house expects to win from each game played. Once live, if a house edge is defined, the contract will begin deducting the house edge percentage from each bet and transferring the fees directly to the game owner's wallet.

Creators must also provide the Uniswap pair address for their ERC20 token. This feature has been implemented to aid against spam and allows for the verification of the token address being used via Uniswap with plans to add support for additional dexes in future updates. Once entered, the factory will use the pair address to verify the input token. Once added the game and platform will have access to all of the tokens functions such as the name, symbol and transfer methods allowing for integration with said token.

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