Why is ArcadeFi implementing a subscription model? What does this mean for game creators, investors and the arcade token? In order to generate random numbers securely on the blockchain, ArcadeFi's system integrates with Chainlink's VRF services (RNG). In order to centralize the ArcadeFi utility - an in house subscription model will be introduced, acting as "middle ware" between the ArcadeFi and Chainlink systems. This "middle ware" introduces a few key features for creators such as ownership, ease of use and allows for a self sustaining system while funded. Lastly this subscription model will also add utility to the arcade token - benefiting ArcadeFi holders in the process.

ArcadeFi's Subscription Model

ArcadeFi's system simply provides a wrapper of the existing Chainlink's VRF subscription model. This works by first defining an ArcadeFi subscription contract that is then used to handle all subscriptions managed through the Factory. This contract, much like middle ware - allows creators to manage their Chainlink subscriptions through the ArcadeFi system. This is important for a few reasons. Firstly, this middle ware passes ownership of each subscription to the factory contract while retaining a reference to the true owner, therefore enabling the factory to manage subscriptions and consumers on the users behalf. This element is crucial when it comes to smart contract development as it provides a useful abstraction, in this case simplifying the process and reducing the knowledge required to start building with ArcadeFi. This abstraction also provides a barrier against potential threats. By passing ownership to subscriptions to contract, the contract can then be constructed in a way that minimizes risks for users.

Holder Benefits

Wrapping chainlinks subscription also allows ArcadeFi to create a subscription model that runs on arcade tokens while inheriting the same features of Chainlink's VRF system. This system adds utility to the arcade token, increasing demand and volume, resulting in higher floors.

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