Welcome to $ARCADE

ArcadeFi's goal is to promote a safe, fair and decentralized RNG experience for investors and gamers by leveraging the Ethereum blockchain to provide working gamer utility.

ArcadeFi's unique DAPP, has been developed to interact with ERC-20 smart contracts, ensuring a seamless and innovative way to wager your holdings.

The ArcadeFi's Utility is live, original and built on the Ethereum blockchain. It's fair and engaging, with mechanics aimed towards benefiting the gamer and systems aimed at preventing manipulation. Accommodating this utility is a functioning telegram bot to track contract events in real time while relaying the data to telegram.

All this development requires a solid team and what better than a team consisting of multiple experienced web3 developers, marketing leads, social media persons, chat moderators, telegram administrators and KOL's. All of these select individuals are experienced in cryptocurrency and have skills and connections being utilized to ensure success and growth.

With active development following the roadmap, ArcadeFi is set to become more engaging, more rewarding, more performant, more diverse, with greater brand awareness, more partnerships, more sponsorships and future integrations with third party ERC20 token projects. As a result ArcadeFi will become a widely used safe and fair platform in the cryptocurrency space for RNG rewards.

A minimum viable product has been provided at launch, this sets Arcade apart from many other startup projects. The team will be actively updating and bettering the project providing catalysts for investors.

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