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A brief section explaining ArcadeFi's plans to become a betting platform for all ERC20 tokens.



In upcoming updates, The dapp will feature a UI update that will allow teams or holders of any ERC20 token to easily create ArcadeFi games with their own token supplies. These games will list automatically on the ArcadeFi DAPP allowing the holders of said tokens to play these game modes seamlessly. Owners of such contracts will also be able to remove their tokens once they are finished with the game. In the case that a game's balance is removed, the game will also be removed from the dapp.

What does this mean for ArcadeFi holders?

This utility will create an opportunity for ArcadeFi holders to play the same existing fixed odd game modes that the dapp features currently. However, they will now be able to play with any of the other tokens that list on the DAPP. This also means that with each token listed; comes more active users to the platform improving reach and brand awareness. These innovative changes also open the door to partnership opportunities as well as revenue sharing in the future.

More information will be added as the utility is built ✅

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